Edmonton Bible Study Group

                                    Enjoying Edmonton by Mary


I have had many ideas go through my mind...I guess it's because I enjoying organizing especially social events. Here they are use it or not, as you please. Let me know how you would like me to help out with these get togethers. Mind you my time will be limited since our baby is due at the end of May. However, Jason and I will try to help as much as we can.

  • For Easter - Love According To John (Apr 21-23 — The annual Easter favourite returns, re-enacting the story of Jesus Christ's ministry and death.Tix $25-35) A bus could be organized to pick-up/drop off people at the Jubilee for the event. An Easter potluck at someone's house/at the church before/after program (depending on showtime).
  • Celebrate Mother's Day (in May) and Father's Day (in June) - a special day to acknowledge our friends who are here solo and awaiting their family in the Philippines. For dads: a sports & bbq day in the at Kinsmen park. For moms: plant a (herb/flower) garden in a pot and dinner at someone's house.
  • Canoeing down the North Saskatchewan River - I've done the Devon to Emily Murphy trip in the past and had lots of fun with friends. You pack a lunch/snack and stop whenever you want for a bite to eat. Lots of playtime along the river - and opportunities to get cooled down, if you start a water fight. It is suited for both the adventurous and non-adventurous. Here's one of the links http://www.edmontoncanoe.com/devoncanoeshuttle.html. WEEKENDS ONLY     from June to September, average 5 hours. EVERY SATURDAY OR SUNDAY: paddle from Devon back to Edmonton. EVERY SATURDAY: paddle from Genesee back to Devon.
  • Park Days - I like Kinsmen Park because it is so close to the church and it is convenient to gather people after the Sunday services. The children can have tons of fun at their great playground and wading pool. There are lots of space for a picnic and to play large group games. However, there are a lot of sport fields around Edmonton that will work depending on our needs. We can have Sunday Sport Day: have a different sport for each week such as soccer, baseball/softball, Frisbee football, tennis, basketball, beach volleyball etc. This is simple to organize - sometimes all you need is a ball.
  • Summer in Edmonton - our group can take advantage of the many wonderful FESTIVALS all summer long. Pick a couple to attend as a group. It is sure to be lots of fun to enjoy with friends such as Heritage Festivals, A Taste Of Edmonton, Dragon Boat Race etc...